Get Early Access to Superdeck

Superdeck is a new way to tell stories with data.

We are seeking early partners to work hand in hand with our team to bring our vision to life.

Does This Sound Familiar? 

You spend hours every month analyzing information and communicating those insights
You spend time formatting your slides or other content to make it look great
You work in Customer Success, Biz Ops, Rev Ops, Product, or a Leadership function
You work with data that you can access directly

What is Required From You to Participate?

You are willing to alpha test experimental, early prototypes
You are able to dedicate time in 30 minute chunks to meet with our team, at least twice a month
You are willing to engage over Slack and provide written feedback

What Do You Get?

Solve a problem for you and your team
Learn about new technology and participate in the creative process
Help shape a new product with your feedback and engagement

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