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Storytelling With Data

Learn how to build compelling narratives that are driven by data.
What is Data Storytelling and Why is it so Important

What Is Data Storytelling and Why Is It So Important?

Data storytelling, the process of weaving together a narrative based on facts and figures, is quickly becoming one of the most important skill sets for the modern professional. Learn what data storytelling is and why it’s so important.
How to use data to inform important business decisions

How to Use Data to Inform Important Business Decisions

Every employee across your organization should be armed with the data and tools necessary to make data-driven decisions.
Grading Data Visualizations from the Subreddit r/DataIsBeautiful

Grading 5 Popular Data Visualizations posted in r/DataIsBeautiful [May 2022]

We love sifting through the super popular subreddit, Data is Beautiful, for data visualization inspiration. To save you some time, we have graded five visualizations from May 2022.
How to Build Conviction in an Opportunity

How to Build Conviction in an Opportunity

When presenting an opportunity, the most important thing is communicating your conviction. Learn to integrate data insights and improve data storytelling.
Improve Your Data Storytelling by Using a Table to Visualize Performance Vs. Plan

Using a Table to Visualize Performance Vs. Plan

A simple slide template to communicate performance to key stakeholders and ensure that everyone has a mutual understanding of how the business is performing.
Grading 5 Popular Data Visualizations and Storytelling with Data from r/dataisbeautiful [March 2022]

Grading 5 Popular Data Visualizations Posted in r/dataisbeautiful [March 2022]

To save you some time and energy, we have sourced five interesting data visualizations posted in the subreddit in Q1 2022 for your inspiration. In this article, we will break down each visualization to talk about its strengths and weaknesses, including some recommendations on how to make it even better.